Second Sighting

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Second Sighting

Postby Clé » Fri May 09, 2014 7:56 am

Yikes. It's been a long while (again) since the last news post, and in fact there hasn't been much going on at all with the Wongery in a while. Once again, I take full responsibility... I'm the one in charge; I'm the one paying for all of this (what little is currently being paid for). If I'm not working on the Wongery, the other Grandmasters won't work on it either. And, quite obviously, I haven't been working on it.

This is not due to loss of interest. The Wongery is very important to me. It's not my only project; I have a lot of other things I'm working on as well. But the Wongery is the one I feel most strongly about. The Wongery is my magnum opus, my chef d'oeuvre. Out of all my many projects, the Wongery is the one for which I have the most ambitions, the biggest dreams, and the highest aspirations. That may sound... kind of pathetic, given how little there is to it right now. But my goals for the Wongery are long-term goals, and I hope and plan for it to grow over time into something much, much bigger than it is now.

So, all that being the case, why have I gone so long without doing anything about it? Well, the fact is that the Wongery is a big thing to me, but one thing that it's not (at least, not currently) is a source of income. And unfortunately, a source of income is necessary if I want to do things like eat and have a place to live, let alone pay the expenses involved in keeping the Wongery running. And these last few months... well, the last year or so, really..., I've had to focus on job-related matters and, alas, have had little time for the Wongery (or other pursuits). That's coming to an end now, though, and I should start having more free time, which means more time to work on the Wongery again. Maybe just a little more time at first, but anyway I intend to get things moving again.

Despite my dearth of time to work on it, though, the Wongery has never been far out of my mind, and a few days ago I decided to perform a web search to see if any references to it had turned up. I mentioned in the last post having found in a previous search an anonymous post on 4chan about the Wongery... the poster had somewhat mischaracterized the site, and his post had garnered no replies from other 4channers, but hey, it was nice to know at least that somebody had noticed us.

Well, it turns out somebody else has noticed us, too. And this one's... maybe a little more interesting than a one-off post on an imageboard. The newer link to the Wongery comes from a new wiki, called The Creepy Wiki, founded March 1, 2014, and specifically from its article on Dogscape... which cites the Wongery World of the Week entry for the Dogscape as a reference.


That's... actually kind of neat, to have the Wongery cited as a reference. It kind of seems to give the Wongery an air of legitimacy that, well, honestly, I'm not sure it entirely deserves—I mean, we do our best to try to ensure the non-fiction parts of the site are error-free, but that's not to say they'd pass standards of academic rigor—but hey, I'll take it.

What's a little disheartening, though I suppose not surprising, is that so far it seems to be just the World of the Week feature that's caught people's attention. It's the World of the Week that CreepyWiki cited, of course, and from what the 4chan post says about the Wongery I think it's probably the World of the Week that that anonymous poster primarily saw as well. It does make sense that this is the part of the Wongery that people would find first, I guess; people may search for things like "Dogscape" and "Snaiad", since those are already known concepts about which they might want more information, but nobody (right now) is going to be searching for terms like "Dadauar" or "ananome". Still, the World of the Week really is a very minor part of the Wongery; it was an afterthought conceived after the site's launch, and never intended as more than a small side feature. (And, of course, it's currently over a year behind schedule, but that's beside the point.) The heart and core of the site is the Central Wongery... along with maybe the Public Wongery and the Private Wongeries once they get going. And nobody's linked to those yet.

But I'm not in a hurry. The Wongery's nowhere near where I want it to be yet, and I can wait until it's more... presentable. Even then, I'm content to wait to let it happen naturally. I said in the last post that I had no intention of advertising the Wongery, and that remains true. That may seem incongruous to what I said earlier in this post about how important the Wongery is to me, but I have enough confidence in the Wongery to believe that eventually it will be found and disseminated organically. It may take time, but that's okay. It'll happen.

And hey, at least we're not being entirely ignored. The Wongery may not be well known yet... but word is slowly spreading. We'll wait.

And in the meantime... yeah, we've really got to start posting new articles again.
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