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The Grandmaster Wongers hope you enjoy browsing the Wongery, and might find some use for some of the material contained therein. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

  • With the obvious exception of Earth (and the other planets in the Solar system), all the worlds described in the Wongery are entirely fictional. No resemblance to real people or places is implied or intended, except as described in the next point.
  • Some of the worlds described on the Wongery are alternate Earths. Articles about these worlds—as well as certain general articles on science, terminology or other "meta" matters—may contain references to real places and events, but presented in a fictionalized and possibly altered context.
  • For the most part, the Wongery articles are written in an "in-universe" style, as if they were a reference written by some hypothetical æalogists. This should not, of course, be taken to imply that the Grandmaster Wongers actually believe the content of the articles to be factual. As stated in the previous points, the Wongery is a work of fiction.
  • The Wongery may contain adult content, including but not limited to descriptions of actions some may find offensive, and images depicting violence or nudity. User discretion is advised.
  • The Wongery may contain spoilers for some games and fictional works set in the worlds described there. (Well, it doesn't now, but this could conceivably happen in the future.) Efforts will be made to mark any such spoilers so that readers do not run across them accidentally, but you have been warned.
  • The Wongery should not be assumed to be an accurate reference source for real-world topics. While the editors have attempted to research any subjects that have a basis in reality, they are not infallible, and may have inadvertently included some misinformation (or intentionally included some fictional material).
  • The Wongery may eat your ice cream.
  • The disclaimer page on the Wongery may include one disclaimer which is intended solely as a joke, and frankly doesn't make much sense. It may also include immediately thereafter a self-referential disclaimer disclaiming both itself and the preceding disclaimer. Both these disclaimers are probably best ignored.

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